Monday, September 25, 2006

Fall is here

How fast a week passes. I thought I just posted about family, but here it is 8 days later. It's my person's fault, of course.

Fall has arrived in our corner of the nothern U.S. It's rather lovely.

Some noteworthy news from my life this week

1. I scored some apple pie while my people ignored me in favor of a "football" game (note: my people have gone so far as to give each of us five dogs football positions--I don't know why but they've spared the cats this indignity)

2. My person has decided that I get private ball-throwing time most every day so that Rafe can't steal all the balls all the time (and also so Rafe can learn a proper fetch)

3. I have heard that a toddler related to one of my people is coming to visit. I have also heard that this will mean lots of "management" for us dogs (which I think means frozen Kongs in our crates--so that won't be too bad). I don't know what a toddler is, but from what I can gather, I think I'd rather not have one. I will have to report back on this, though

4. Rafe continues to advance in his quest to become a gentlepup. Very little staring this week, though I did have to pin him twice to remind him of his manners. My people think they are thwarting me with a "look away" and "walk away" command--I let them believe that just to keep their spirits up.

5. After being carted all the way to herding lessons--I didn't get to herd. There wasn't enough light once we got there, so my people decided to sacrifice my time instead of Tansy's, Hamish's or Rafe's. They will pay for this. Repeatedy.

6. I continue to excel at my agility training. In fact, I have training tonight--yippee. I also look very stylish while doing it.

7. I got a little confused at flyball, but still gave it a college try. Plus, I look as stylish at flyball as I do at agility.

My lesson for the day
You can never look too stylish


Turbo the Sibe said...

Good job with the pie!

So what is your football position?

Is a "toddler" anything like "cobbler?" If so then that's a lot like pie.

Maximilliam the Valliant said...

Hey Pipster,

I hope your people aren't making you suffer even more by making you be a position on that UofM football team. That would TRULY would be indecent!

But Pip you should remember meeting my human brothers! You did really well with them...THAT is what a toddler is. Some are good and some are bad. Some are sneaky. I never got on very well with my older human brother. But the younger one is nice.

Stay alert! that is the key.


The Army of Four said...

Hi Pippin, I heard from my twin brother of a different mother Harley
that toddlers can be very fun! They can drop FOOD for you! That's gotta be a good thing!
Mmm.... pie.
Luv, Dave

Anonymous said...

I always try and sneak pecan pie but never win!

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

What ? Apple pie ? Oh my doG ! I am just about beside myself with jealousy ! Way to go Pippin - you are a legend !