Sunday, December 10, 2006

Our newest recruit

Hi everyone,

We are proud to join Hershey and FuFu (and we are sure many others who are waiting in the ranks) as honorary Huskies in the fight to take over the world from the people (or, maybe, we should say take back the world by overthrowing these human interlopers who keep just screwing things up and leaving huge messes for us to clean up afterwards)

We in the pack are just elated over our induction into HULA (the Husky United Liberation Army) and we are honored to stand up with Meeshka and her band of Sibes in such a noble cause.

Of course, we are not Huskies, but we believe that it isn't necessarily the breed that matters, but the heart of the dogs and the dedication to thwarting people when they have stupid ideas. We have joined as a brigade, meaning that we can be mobilized as an entire unit. We are fleet of foot and quick on the spin, so we look forward to our marching orders from Meeshka, the soon to be queen, to whom we have pledged allegiance.

And, we already have a new recruit to the commando. Everydog, meet Kyzer, our 7-week old private straight off the farm--a.k.a our people's secret.

We have lots to teach him yet (but first he'll have to stay awake for more than 10 minutes at a time), but he seems like a quick learner. We explained to him right away how the people get really cranky if they haven't had enough sleep, so on his first night here, he slept through for almost six hours before his little bladder said "I can wait no longer." He's also already figured out that the little fences the people have up around their flower gardens are meant as guideposts into the garden rather than as the deterrents the people think they are.

I have to be honest and say that I wasn't all that excited when Rafe finally told the rest of us what he'd learned at herding camp. At that point, we knew that a young dog was on its way. But, now that he's here, I have to say that I kind of like the little buckaroo. Reminds me of back when the people brought home my goofy little brother Hamish and I adopted him as mine right away. Kyzer isn't quite the same, but I've still already been showing him some play bows to make him feel welcom

Plus, Fox, our new kitty, doesn't seem to like him much--score one for the puppy!


Cubby said...

Wow, what a cute puppy! Go HULA!

Isabella said...

Ahhhh....he's so cute! What a great surprise it turned out to be! Congratulations on a new pack member!
Big Wags,

hershey the doglet said...

congrats on joining HULA!!!! welcome to the hoop!