Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Sheep! (Guest Blog)

Greetings Gentlepups!

Our Flock has News! A few Suns ago we went to Work. And, we had a Surprise!

These lovely Sheep are Ours! We are Delighted. What is best, is they are Light. They will respond with alacrity to our Communications. I find that quality Excellent, as I then can refine my Technique. A good Sheepdog is Polite to her Sheep, and needs to know how to be Subtle when her Sheep are Light. (Upon occasion she needs to be Pushy; that is not so difficult to learn.)

Here you can see them look at Young Kyzer, who had moved a step:

And here Kyzer keeps them in Place:

Our Sheep will live at the Farm, as our own Pasture is not big enough for Mud Pud, ball throwing, and Sheep. I believe that is Best; we will then have no Distractions when we Play.



Sparky said...

Sheep! Kyzer looks ready to keep them in their place for sure!


Cassidy said...

Congratulations on your sheep! We meeted some sheepies on our walkies on Sunday, but they beed mean, stamping their feet at us!

Cassidy x

The Army of Four said...

Oh, Miss Tansy! I'm so happy for you! It must be lovely to have your own sheep! I'll bet they respect you comPLETEly! Kyzer looks in total control!
Have all of you gotten to herd them? How about Hamish, for example?! :)
Love to your whole pack!

Cubby said...

Wow! You are lucky pups!

BenTheRotti said...

Wow Sheep!! Mum says I would chase them so we can't have any :(
Nicde to meet you Pippin, Mum thinks you look very handsome!

Ben xx

Laura said...

"(Upon occasion she needs to be Pushy; that is not so difficult to learn.)"

Tazimodo wholeheartedly agrees!