Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What a Pup! (Guest Blog)

Rafe here.

Told you about a pup we had here a few Suns ago, BC/ACD mix. Fun gal, here she is playing with Miss Pippin:

Sent us word about how it's going for her and her forever home. Had a few chuckles, here, read:

Dearest Aunties S. and R.,

I am writing to give you an update on how training my human, L., is progressing. L. is very bright and learns quickly. When I bring her a toy, she tugs it for me. Good human!! I have taught her to give me treats in many situations, and most of the time, all I have to do is put my butt on the floor instead of my feet in the air. It doesn't take much to impress this human.

I have also taught her to let me snuggle with her in the recliner, and to let me sleep in bed with her at night. She has learned quickly that it pleases me most to walk me three times a day. This weekend, I even convinced her to take me to work with her, since she had to do two overnights in a row at the emergency clinic. I have charmed all of her
co-workers, and I got to meet my new godmother Dr. P., who was a reference for me on the rescue application. I also have Dr. P. trained. She doesn't even ask me to do a trick, but gives me treats because I am cute.

Finally, I have trained my human to cook all my meals for me. I scoff at
dog food, I tell you-I am Wasabi and I deserve the best. I eat chicken, beef, salmon, it changes every few days, and I get two sides: veggies and grains. Life is good. Give me a few more weeks, and I will have this human eating out of my paw. Or wait, the other way around.

All is well here, I am loved, I am a good dog,

Soft Woof,


The Army of Four said...

Oh, Rafe! What a wonderful story! Wasabi sounds extremely gifted - and like she's found the perfect forever home! That makes all of us so happy!
She has very adorable freckles, doesn't she?
Please give my very best to Pippin, Miss Tansy and the rest of the pack!
Tail wags,

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

Aww that is fantastic. It sounds like she has found a great forever home. She is gorgeous, of course we are partial to the spotty look ..hehe

Thanks for sharing it. :-)

Holly & Zac...XX

virtualdogpark.com said...

please send us a dog photo for use in a funny news story.


Life With Dogs said...

Wow! She's cute and she can levitate!

Laura said...

A most excellent update!

Adolpha said...

Hi from Charmin the Wonder Dog! I have a sister who is a Border Collie, but without the freckles. She sure is busy all the time and has my owners trained to throw the tennis ball every day. I can't run much any more, so usually just watch.