Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hi! Hi! Hi! (Guest Blog)

It's me, Fox!! Cat is Dog Bloggin!!

Dogs busy, workin! Scribes busy, workin! What work? Readin!! Kay I read too!

Good book*! Lern dog Secrets, don tell!!

Rafe say he read, tell all. Other dogs and scribes too! Hey, let me see what Tansy read!

Maybe she tell next.


[*Patricia McConnell, The other end of the leash: why we do what we do around dogs]


The Army of Four said...

Hi Fox! You won't tell all of our secrets, will you? That Patricia McConnell seems to know a lot of them.
Play bows,

cookie said...

Wow, you have access to the secrets! Don't tell our cat brothers and sisters, there will be no rest for us if you do!

Cookie and crew