Thursday, April 19, 2007

Across the Water (Guest Blog)

Greetings, Gentledogs!
Please look at this Sign:

I find it quite Attractive. The red color, the lettering. I am unsure of what it means, however. My people say it is Across the Water where a different Language is spoken. I have older dog Relations from Across the Water, but I do not believe they understand this Language either.

Please look at these Cakes:

Are they not Delicious in appearance? Perhaps even as Tasty as Pizza Crusts? My people say these lovely Cakes are in the same place Across the Water! I wonder if the Sign describes the Cakes as being for Dogs?



The Army of Four said...

Hmm. I'm not a German Shepherd, but I think it means "beware - your dog will LOVE these cakes!" Stormy's napping or else I'd ask her.
Our aunt sent us a sign that says, "Attention: chien bizarre." I thought it was funny until Stormy taught me that it's French for "Beware of strange dog". You don't think she means Zim do you? Woo.

Oscar Airedale said...

Yummy! Yes, surely the sign must say "Warning, cakes for dogs only"

Oscar x

Sophie Brador said...

Across the water sounds (and looks) the best place on earth. Bring on the cakes and hunds.

JustMeCopper said...

I think it mean "Beware of the dog because the cakes are for him or her and if you eat the cakes he or she will be mad at you and might lick you to death."

Anonymous said...

wer ging nach Deutschland? Did Pippin go? I want some of that cake!