Monday, April 23, 2007

Spring Lambs

The lambing where we go herding is almost done. We in the pack keep begging the people for some sheep of our own. We have dutifully promised to feed them and take them for walks and whatever else sheep need, but the people keep saying it'll be a "few" years. In dog time, that's decades. Please, dog friends, tell my people that they should get us some sheep of our own right now when we really need them.
I mean really--how can the people deny us this in our own backyard?
This little guy was yucking it up by climbing on his mama's back. His twin was being much better behaved.

Here I am working. In the first picture, I'm bringing the sheep to my person. I have a pretty good sense of distance
But, sometimes I'm a little bit too fast.
You can tell that the sheep are confused since one of them is looking at my person and the others are looking at me. If my person were smarter about training me, she could tell me to be slower--but for now, I get to run like the wind.

We on Pippin's blog are going to *try* to blog every day this week. My person has also promised some updated video sometime. Although I like to think of her as lazy, the video is really quite a project since it has to be converted for her M-a-c-i-n-t-o-s-h (whatever that is) to be able to put the sound and the pictures together, so it really does take some time and she does on occasion have to work. Plus, she likes to cut out the bad stuff and that takes time too. But, she has promised--hold her to it, dog blog friends.


Oscar Airedale said...

Ooh, you lot are so clever! Yes, tell your mum we would love to hear more from you this week & see some videos!

Oscar x

Freda said...

Hey Pips, my Twitters Friend,

Did you watch NOVA last dark on PBS? It was all about us and how we have changed our humans' behaviors. Cooools! There was a bunch about your familys back in the UK herdin' sheeps. It looks like sooo much funs. And YES!, your humans should get those sheeps for you, cuz you helped make them what they are todays.

I think Tweettin' is neato, but as you bark, there is a lots to learn.



Sophie Brador said...

Hey Pippin, Absolute your people should get you sheep ... maybe your mom's M-a-c-i-n-t-o-s-h can whip some up for you. My mom's computer has an apple on it, but it doesn't taste anything like an apple. I don't get it.

JustMeCopper said...

My Mom is hopelessly inept at the video thing. She told me that she has to get someone to SHOW HER. Who is going to do that? It's hopeless.

Hey, I love the sheep of your own idea. You are brave ... I think a sheep would scare me.

Sunshade said...

WOW Pippin, I'm so impressed at you working the sheep. I always watch dog herding competitions on TV, and you Border Collies just amaze me. If I were put in the same situation, forget about herding, I want the lamb shank!!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade