Thursday, May 03, 2007

Across the Water, Again (Guest Blog)

Greetings Gentledogs!

I have Recovered from the Anniversary Festival. It was delightful to Chat with so many Pups! "Frosty Paws" are tasty, although not so delicious as Pizza Crusts.

I wish to give a Sharp! Bark! to Toby and Maureen. These Pups are in the Agility class Hamish and I attend on Monday Evenings. I do need to scold Toby, since he is a Young Male, but Miss Pippin assures me he is a Good Dog.

My people said the people of Toby and Maureen might be interested in another picture from Across the Water. Everydog may also find this Intriguing. I believe I understand the Meaning of the Word on the Sign.

Do you Dogs?

Have you seen such a Sign on your Side of the Water?



Peanut said...

Hi there. I'm Peanut and got your link because your joined the AO4 army. Me too. Cool huh?

Oscar Airedale said...

Dog Bar? A lot of cafes & pubs here keep a bowl of water for us doggies, but I have never seen a lovely sign like that.

Oscar x

Günter said...


What language is it? It's not Norwegian - that's for sure. In Norwegian is hund = dog, so that is the same. But "bar" is not a typical Norwegian word, even though we sometimes use "bar" in the same way as you do in English


Isabella said...

Dog water bowl? Heck, I'm still learning English, so I am not real good with foreign languages- hee hee!
Big Wags,