Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Anniversary Party

Well, pup, we've had a lot of recovering to do after the big shindig this week-end. Tansy and I visited the Wine and Cheese Party chat room a couple of times. We talked to some old and new friends--Opy, Freda, Kingsley, Buster, Chester, TinTin, Maggie, Oscar, Snowball, Pappy's dad, Asta in Oz, Peanut and many others. It was fun to talk to pups all over the world, but my people are not as chatroom savvy as many and so they were easily lost by the quick exchanges.

We also had a lovely wine and cheese layout. First my people got everything set up--the cheese sticks and cookies in the little bowl in front were strictly for us pups.
Then, I took to my station as prime party hostess
Everydog waited politely (except for poor Rafey, who is away at herding camp again. But we'll tell him about it when we next see him)
When the people said o.k., all pups dug in
And of course, that rascal Fox had to get in on the action (Stormy, we're pretty sure he's becoming a dog rather than Kyzer becoming a cat)
And then our people had a special treat just for us dogs (no kitties allowed)--Frosty Paws!!
And then we slept the rest of the day away
Happy Anniversary again Dogs with Blogs. Great work and we're looking forward to another great year of dog blogging.


Oscar Airedale said...

Wow, that was quite the spread you had there! I keep hearing about Frosty Paws - we do not have such delights here in England!

It was great chatting to you!

Oscar x

Pearly & Kay said...

Wow... nice foodie and wine set up... and frosty paws looks good, though I can't find them around here yet!

Maggie said...

It was great chatting with you guys this past weekend! Ya mean you had frosty paws plus cheese and crackers??!! Yummy!

Love ya lots,

The Army of Four said...

The more I see of Hamish, the more he reminds me of my Zim! Hamish is in one of Zim's favorite sleepy positions in that last picture!
Tail wags,
PS: I'm glad Fox is coming over to our side. I love kitties!

Isabella said...

Looks like you all had a great party and really wore yourselves out!
Big Wags,

Cubby said...

mmmm....frosty paws