Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Flyball tournament

Big news from the week-end. My buddy Renzo ran in his first real race ever and did great (except for the last time when things were hectic and he was stressed--he crossed over the line and went to have a loud conversation with a dog from Pawsative Attitudes--he was mostly just full of hot air, but it sounded kind of scary, so he had to leave--but he'll be back).

The tournament was pretty fun and our teams got two firsts and a third (which was exactly how we were seeded). Spring Loaded broke the world record...again. This time with a run of 15.37 (or something like that). They sure do set the bar high, that's for sure.

My job at the tournament was to soak in the scene and watch some of the other dogs racing. when my person brings me to the ring, I get so excited and hyped that I need an outlet for my energy and she's always there ready to stick a tug in my mouth. I usually tug on that until the race is over and am so tuned in to the race that I tug harder than usual. i think it's as much exercise for my person as it is for me. I can't wait until I can run too--it looks like so much fun.

It was also fun to stay in a hotel--it's like being a camp. My people are very good about taking us with them, so that we don't bark in the hotel (well, we bark sometimes when we're playing, but it's not at night). The weather was pretty good, but it was hot and humid. I didn't mind that much, but I was sure glad when we got loaded into the air-conditioned car!

Our next practice is Thursday night and I'm going to really run after the tug so that everyone sees I'm read to take the next step in my training (or if I don't, I'll at least get to see some of my favorite people)