Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pictures of the pack

Hi everypup,

Long time no write, I know. Story of my blogging life, I tell ya. Anyway, the person is as she usually is, so I don't have all that many minutes before she boots me off the electronic box.

We had our pictures taken last week by a photo-grapher. A pretty good one, I think and he's a friend of our people, plus he taught me and Renzo in a class once. And his wife, Ms. Annie taught all of us except Kyzer at least once.

Anyway, if you want to see some of the pics of us, he put them on his website. If you go to Samuel Ritter Photography and then click on "Events", you'll find us at the bottom. We are "The Dog Pack". Our people have to decide which ones they like best. What do you think? I really like the ones of my and my goofy little brother, Hamish.

It was pretty interesting going there. We loaded up in the rolling living room and it was the first time all six of us were in there at the same time. Since only five crates fit, Tansy rode loose. She was very good and stayed lying down the whole time. Then, we were at Mr. Sam's house. In his yard. And he had all these different objects set up and when we walked by them, they flashed like lightening and he gave us a cookie. Most of us forgot about the flashes pretty quickly, but not Tansy. She was pretty unimpressed.

Anyway, we ran around in his yard and then one by one, he would call us up and we had to lie in the grass and he took some pictures. They tried to take a picture of all of us together, but Hamish and Rafe didn't want to have to sit close to each other and then Renzo didn't want to have to be close to Rafe either. I sure didn't want to be by his stinky self. Kyzer got worried about the whole thing and didn't want to stay there, so he went and hid under the deck. And you can imagine Tansy.

When our people take our picture together, they usually just try and get us to stay in some spot. But Mr. Sam wanted us to all lay down and be touching each other. Really. People are pretty funny sometimes.