Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Puppies trump computer time

It is hard to choose the computer over the puppy, friends. This is one reason why I haven't blogged in over a week. Kyzer is getting bigger--he'll be 12 weeks old on Saturday. The best thing is that we think he might be a one ear up; one ear down border collie like me (and Chester) !! If you look at the picture, you can see that his ears are doing different things. Puppies ears flop around for a while before they decide what they're going to do; but from the looks of it, he's going to have the his left ear up and his right ear down. Just the opposite of me--we'll be like bookends.

There we are hanging out in the sunshine together.
The other reason I haven't blogged is that my person went away, leaving the other person to take care of all 9 of us kidz over the week-end. I don't know where the person went, but I think it was in a different time zone thing-y. She called home at weird hours. Anyway, she's back now and finally agreed to channel my thoughts.

This morning at the end of morning walks, my person found a half-eaten Dobie pad in the living room--I ate one of those when I was a puppy and it was the first time my people made me throw-up. You can see where this is going, I'm sure. When I ate it, I actually swallowed the whole thing, so it was really good that they made me throw it up since it would have probably caused a blockage in my gut somewhere--my people live in fear and trepidation of such a thing.

Anyway, my people naturally suspected Hamish and so he got the first treatment. For you dogs who don't know about this, you might want to put your paws over your eyes and hum so that you don't have to know how the people do this. Basically, they trick us into drinking hydrogen peroxide--1 teaspoon per 10 lbs of body weight. For Hamish, that meant 4 teaspoons mixed with some cheese. He lapped it right up.

Then he and the person waited. You could see he was feeling ookey and then after about 10 minutes, he chucked it all up. But, no sponge. Sadly, their big eye of Mordor then fell on me and I got the treatment. If they'd only asked, I would have honestly told them that I hadn't done it--having learned my lesson as a pup--and I would have pointed them in the right direction since I'd seen the act of sponge-eating in progress, but no, they didn't ask, so I didn't tell. Thus, I was subjected to the distinctly un-gentle-pup way of having to toss my cookies, too. Of course, there was no sponge. This left Rafe as the final likely suspect. Again, had they asked me, I could have told them and thus spared Hamish and myself from such unpleasantry. Of course, it was the oaf puppy. I tried to tell him that he wouldn't like the consequences, but like many teenagers, he just laughed at me, believing himself to be outside the laws of man and nature. He's sorry now.

I felt kind of bad for him since he looked pretty miserable, but hey, we all have to learn sometimes that our actions have consequences that we don't get to pick. Just ask Hamish--he gets fed hydrogen peroxide on a fairly frequent basis--indeed, he had to have it just last Saturday when he ate the better half of a plastic ball. Maybe one of these days one of those boyz will listen to me--but don't hold your breath.