Tuesday, January 02, 2007

My Number One New Year Priority

I feel like I've been on the moon for the last week since my person rudely decided to take a computer break, without any consultation with me or any serious concern for what I might need and want. She just flat out cut me off from friends and fans without an apology or any extra treats or cuddles. As usual, she will pay.

Being ever resourceful and loath to let time idly slip through my fingers, however, I took the opportunity to document our kitty, Fox's, utter treachery. I am now certain that he is using a divide and conquer strategy at our house and so far, he has won over the stupid people (they were naturally easy, easy marks) as well as most of the other animals.

I'm trying to ascertain what his ultimate intentions are, but in the meantime, I'm devising a plan to release the other animals from his clutches. Freeing my friends is my number one priority for the year. Pappy New Year's tagged me and I'll get on that in my next post (assuming the person doesn't decide to take yet another break--given what has happened with the cat, I guess anything is possible).

I think the humans are hopeless, so I've decided to just accept them as a loss--I figure that even caught by his evil spells they will continue to buy us yummy food and treats and find activities for us to do throughout the day. The others, though, need my help even if they don't see it that way....yet.

First, here is my evidence that Fox has lured all the other beings in the house but Fritz and me into his deceptive web. I documented these all in the week between Christmas Day and New Year's Day. You will note that in each image, Fox and the other critter are actually touching one another.

Tansy--my sistah, comrade in girly arms, I thought she had my back, but alas.
Renzo and I used to be the pack--united in our understanding of the natural boundaries between kitties and dogs, but clearly, no more.
Inji never liked me, but we had an understanding and I could always relate to her as the other cranky girl in the house. Now, though, she's obviously crossed to the dark side
Even though I nurtured him, loved him, cared for him as if he were my own, my goofy little brother Hamish didn't even think twice before succumbing to Fox' charms. He couldn't have hurt me worse if he had stabbed me with one of his canines. I don't think I'll ever recover from such a betrayal.
Once an oaf, always an oaf. I tried to teach him the path to gentlepupdom, but sadly, Rafe turned his back on the way of the righteous. He, too, chose the dark side.
I had hope for our newest packmate, especially since Fox kept his distance when he first arrived. Still, as such a baby, Kyzer was not much of a match for Fox--especially since Fox pretends to care about him by bathing him. I hope that I can lead this young pup back from the wilderness, but it will be a difficult task to be sure.
Please dear friends, let me know what you think I should do to make my home the safe haven it once was.