Friday, March 09, 2007

Puppy pics--Hamish (Guest Blog)

From the desk of Hamish Braeburn Moy, Esq.

After being inspired by the Aof4's puppy picture-a-thon and some newly found photos of Copper, my sister Pippin decided that we should do the same thing and for some inexplicable reason, she picked me to be first (probably because I was the cutest puppy on the planet). So, here I am as a little tyke.

This was the first picture the breeder sent to my people of me even before they thought they might get me. So, this is before I was Hamish.
Here's a picture of me after I became Hamish. Still pretty guinea pig-like, huh?
Here I am on my first day in Michigan. I had a hard travel from Canada because I got car sick. Let me tell you, it's no fun being car sick for 8 hours. But, I survived o.k. Look at what my ears are doing.
My big sister Pippin (she and I have the same mom) was really nice to me right from the start. That's unusual for her, so I decided I must be a very important dog. She still likes to play with me the best.
Although I look sweet and innocent in this picture, what it really captures is my very own first dug hole. Wouldn't Meeshka be proud? And, hey, check out my ears here!
My people thought I was so smart that I should go to school right away, so off I went. Here I am with my diploma (and some really wacky ears)
Finally, the big day came for me when I first got to see some sheep. I was just a whipper-snapper--only four months old--but on my second visit into the pen, I ran up to the sheep and told them they had to listen to me. And guess what, they believed me! My people were so stunned they forgot to take a picture, but here I am waiting while Tansy had a turn--and still with those who-knows-what-they're-gonna-do-ears
It didn't take long before I was doing more or less "real" (but still beginner) sheep work. Here I am at 8 mos sending the sheep through a chute. That's me in the back.
And finally, about this time, my ears made up their mind and here's the final product. I'm the only one in my pack whose ears both stand up pretty much all the time and all the way.
Watch for the early pics of the rest of my gang in the coming days. One of my people thinks it's really neat to see all the different ear types, so don't be surprised if the ears of my packmates get pointed out too. Of course, you should feel free to tell her she's a big geek.


H.B. Moy