Monday, June 29, 2009

Reading (Guest Blog)

Rafe here.

Thanks to my fellow Sheepdogger Hamish for the shout-out. Good pup, won in Kentucky.

My Fox cat said we could tell about what we've read past few months. Me, been reading sheep. Helped me a lot, helped me at that Trial. Different sheep, Shetlands, Scottish Blackface, all move different, have to learn to read them. What I'd like to do is be overseas, so I could go to school. Ewephoria, like our Sheepdog pals Holly and Zac did. Look here, Mr. Aled Owen was the Teacher:

Lucky pups, living near there. Good looking ones too.

Another bit of news: Grizzly Salmon Oil smells real good, tastes good, good for you. But if somecat offers you a 32 ounce bottle, politely decline. Moderation is best.