Thursday, July 05, 2007

My People

Copper said awhile ago that I should blog something about my people. Seems like Hershey got this started and lots of pups have been telling stuff about their people. My people are both female people and like most dogs-with-blogs people, their main job is taking care of us pups (and sometimes the kitties, too--but that's really more of a hobby). That's them up there from when they only had Renzo and the kitties. Don't they look deprived? Thank goodness we Border Collies came along to save them.

They trade off giving us our breakfast and dinner and taking us for walkies. The taller, skinnier one takes Tansy, Rafe and Kyzer and the shorter, dumpier one takes me, Hamish and Renzo. That's pretty important work, we think.

But, they also go out in the rolling living room sometimes and bring us back stuff and they want to buy us some of our own land and sheep, as befits dogs of our stature and breeding--so, they talk sometimes about making "money". I think that's kind of like going out hunting. See, they leave and they often say, "O.k. dogs, we're off to hunt and gather. You be good." We're usually not good, but they still come home with stuff for us. And that stuff seems to come from money. Where do they get it?

They both seem to get it from a place called a "university". I think that's kind of related to the word "universe" since sometimes it seems like they spend a LOT of time there.

That one makes pictures and puts them on the Internet for people to see and use. Sometimes she makes the pictures herself with a camera and sometimes she turns pictures into digital images. She also helps people get books and videos when they need them AND she looks at pictures and works hard to figure out what they're of, so she can tell other people in case they want to use them. She learned in college and gradual school how to look at all kinds of things like paintings, sculptures, photographs and blueprints and find out what's interesting about them. It seems a little boring to me, but what do I know being sort of semi-color-blind and all.

The other one talks a lot about weird stuff that no dog would ever want to try and understand. She learned how to do it in gradual school, too.
(that's her trying to tell Kyzer about it there--doesn't he look bored?)

She mostly seems to type on her computer-box and go to meetings. Sometimes the meetings are at the universe but sometimes they are somewhere else--like where people speak a different language or have a different clock time. I didn't know you could get money from meetings, but apparently you can. She also listens to sounds on her computer and then turns the sounds into some kind of numbers. It's all very strange and we try not to ask too much about it.

They met each other a long time ago in a land far far away when they were both doing something for their gradual schools--something about getting material together to write a really, whopping big, long, boring paper that has something to do with dissing--I don't know who they were dissing, but it seemed to take a long time--that must be why their school was called gradual school.

The one already had Inji, one of our kitties (she just turned 17) and for a long time, she was the only furry friend they had. They lived in several different states and Inji told me that she got put in her box a lot and moved somewhere else. One place had an island and another place had lots of gecko lizards. Then they got an orange kitty, Theka. He was quite a rascal. When they moved to where we live now, they got Theka a kitten so he'd stop pestering Inji, and the kitten turned into Fritz.

So they had three kitties for a while and talked all the time about how crazy it was for people to have dogs since you couldn't do anything if you had a dog--you had to go home all the time and make sure the dog could go out to sniff the flowers. They even used to leave the kitties for several days and just have a neighbor come check on them--can you imagine??

They got Renzo on a total whim one Sat. afternoon in November. They went to the pet store to get kitty food and there was a rescue organization there and they saw him all curled up in a little ball, like this
Wouldn't you have brought him home? He seemed so soft and sweet. Thing was they didn't know diddly-squat about dogs--both of them had dogs as kids, but their moms took care of them. Things were pretty topsy turvey for a while. Fritz moved to the basement and the people thought they'd have to give Renzo back. But then, suddenly one day, they both looked at each other and realized they loved him and they couldn't give him back even if he was a bad dog sometimes--and very barky (which he still is).

So, they took him to some classes and started to learn more and more. And then came the monumental decision to get...ME!!! Probably the most important decision of their adult lives. Certainly the one that most of their family and friends identify as the start of their spiral into dog-nuttiness. They haven't even told everyone about Kyzer and he's almost 9 mos. old!!

They also do some other stuff than keep us entertained (though I don't really know why). They like to garden and cook. One of them bakes amazing pies (and we've tried a couple, so we know of what we speak), and the other one bakes a lot of bread. They like to read books and the newspaper. One of them plays on the computer a lot. The other one plays the piano. One of them was a drummer in the marching band in high school and the other one was a representative at Girl's State.

One of them has one sister, who is married with a son, a daughter and a new baby coming in Feb.. The other one has two sisters, two brothers, four nieces, three nephews and one grand-niece. One of them is the oldest in the family and the other is the youngest. One is scared of thunderstorms and one is scared of horses. One has some back trouble that is very ouchy and the other one has bum ankles (she got thrown from a horse and messed her ankle up when she was 8--that's why she's scared of horses now). One of them comes from a military family and was born in Germany (her dad fought in a war that lots of people weren't very happy about--it was far away and the people spoke a different language). One of them didn't talk hardly at all until she was 6 (and she still doesn't talk all that much).

But, really, the most important thing about them is that we love giving them kisses and wagging our tails at them and snuggling with them on the couch, and they seem to like that back.