Monday, July 04, 2011

Lying around

It's been, like, literally, years since I've been able to rouse the one with the thumbs into posting on my own blog. Seriously, if you were to go back and look for the last post by *me*, you'd be looking in 2008.

Oh well, new times, new promises.

We've been doing lots of things. We lost a member of the pack (old kitty, Inji). We added some new members to our pack--a couple of cats (Lars and Milo) and a young pup, Lad. The biggest thing is we moved. We moved to a lovely place outside of town where we all have a lot of space to run. My BFF Tansy showed you some pictures when she resurrected the blog a while ago.

Still, some things don't change. Even though the majority of us are Border Collies, we all still spend a lot of time just lying around.

Here's Fox, the dastardly cat, looking all picturesque.

Here's one of the new boys, Milo, in a unique spot in a window.

Kyzer with only a stone for a pillow.

My handsome little brother

And me, glorious me.