Thursday, March 01, 2007

My bubba and my person

Hi everydog. You might have been wondering where I've been (at least I like to think you've been wondering that--it helps feed my delicate ego). My person went away for a long time to stay with the toddler in her family (some of you might remember when the toddler came to visit me). Toddlers are human puppies. In dog time, a 2-year old toddler is like a 3 month old puppy. Old enough to feed themselves, but not old enough to keep the food in the bowl all the time.

People believe that our ages and their ages are related by "7"--people think that a 1 year old dog is like a 7 year old human. So a three-year old like me is the equivalent of a 21-year old human. Where do you think they got that idea?? Why "7" and not "8" or "6". It sounds to me like a lot of what they do--make something up that seems like it might be right based on their random, ad hoc observations of the world and then pretend it's true. Humans really do seem to believe that saying something a lot is what makes it true.

If only they really followed the dog method, which is to read the pee. That tells you all you really need to know about anything. Or at least they could follow their own scientific method.

Anyway, we're glad to have my person back 'cause the other person was getting pretty worn out walking, feeding and playing with all of us each day and she needed some time to do her important reading that she does every night while we let her share the couch with us.

So the title of my entry today is "my bubba and my person". You've heard about my person. My bubba is Hamish. See the toddler girl in Florida where my person was for so many long days calls her older brother "bubba". It's kind of cute in that way that Southerners are (not that I'm patronizing or anything--really, some of my best friends are southerners), and so I decided that's what I'd call Hamish from now on. Sort of poke fun at the people for giving him such a haughty, British name. So, here's a very sweet picture of Bubba.
He likes to take my person's shoes and just lay with them. When he was a pup, he'd chew them all up, but now, he just likes to have it with him--kind of like a security blanket. Sometimes, he tries to make it look like somedog else took them. As in the picture below
See, it looks like I'm the culprit with the shoe, but really, Bubba brought the shoe there and I just happened to be on the bed at the same time. Really.

And last, here's why I love my bubba-boy. What other dog would sleep with his sister curled up against him like that? I bet you wish you had a bubba-dog too.