Saturday, February 02, 2008


A few weeks back, my geeky person was at the American Dialect Society's selection of the word of the year (if you care for such things, and I don't suppose you do, you can read about it in excruciating detail). The word "subprime" was the overall winner. I'm pretty sure subprime refers to the kind of meat that's in cheap dog food, so it's entirely appropriate that that was the word of the year. Really, what some people think is reasonable for us to eat....well, that's a different post.

One of the words that was a contender for the category of "most creative" was the verb "to kinnear". This means to take a picture without looking through the viewfinder of your camera because you are holding the camera at about hip level in order for the subject of the picture not to notice that you are taking their picture. It was coined by a woman who was doing exactly that in an airport where she was trying to get a secret picture of the actor, Greg Kinnear. Pretty clever play with language, huh?

Anyway, after learning that word, my person kinneared us.

I'm not sure she can really call it that, though 'cause I wasn't fooled. Can't speak for the goofy boyz--I think they never caught on to her trick. Don't know why not--she looked like an idiot with the camera at her hip....but then again, it's not all that uncommon for her to look like an idiot. Maybe we can coin a new word: to idiotbutiloveheranyway. It means that you let your person do stupid stuff to you without making her feel bad about it.

Whatcha think, pups?