Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New camera and other happenings

Hey pups,

Lots has been up at our house this week, including lots of new weeds that joined our yard after all the rain we've had.

This last week, my people went to a herding trial that was just for fun. They took the three young boyz (Hamish, Rafe and Kyzer), but the boyz told me they just stayed in the car most of the day. So, I didn't feel too bad that I got left behind since my favorite person in the universe came over to play ball with me and let me give her kisses.

The trial was for more advanced dogs. They had to do a 500 yard outrun (which means the sheep were 500 yards away) and the sheep were being held in place by a person on a horse! That's pretty different from how it usually is. The trial was set up to be REALLY hard to help the people and the dogs get ready for this fall's trials, including the National Herding Finals.

Kyzer's mom and dad will be going there to compete and a lot of his mom and dad's friends are going too. My people hope one of us will go there someday--even if just to watch.

My person made me some new agility jumps--four of them to be exact. We can do lots of practicing and different activities with them--and the best part is when we work with the jumps, it's just me and my person. All the other pack members have to wait inside. I love that.

Last night, my goofy brother Hamish had to go to the late-night dog doctor and get three staples in his side. My people noticed him licking and licking his side and when they looked there was a big gash and a long scrape. They have no idea how it happened. Normally they would blame Rafe, but they knew that Rafe hadn't been around Hamish much at all. Hamish told me that it came from one of Kyzer's teeth from when they were playing, but he didn't want to rat on Kyzer and get him in trouble.

Hamish was a good boy at the dog doctor, but he sure didn't like having that cold, round thing put on his chest or that long, skinny, slimy thing put you know where.

My people got a new camera! They decided that their trusty 2 megapixal, 6-year old camera needed to be upgraded, so they went out and bought themselves a digital SLR. So, now there'll be lots of new pictures of us (though I don't really understand it, first they took lots of pictures of the CATS!!!! :-0

That picture up top is the first group portrait. And down there is Rafe with his beloved.

Hamish looking handsome as ever.

Tansy waiting patiently for the camera to go away

Renzo enjoying the favored Kuranda bed by the front window
Cutie-patootie Kyzer-roo
And me looking expectantly... what do you think I'm looking for?