Thursday, May 24, 2007

Waiting and waiting for 11 days

I've been trying, friends, but the person just wouldn't give me the thumbs. After being gone all last week, cavorting with my goofy little brother Hamish on the farm, this week, my person has spent all day every day getting ready for a conference she's going to in a place that sounds like something you eat.

She's flying far away on Monday. I heard her say it's over the water, where they speak a different language. She speaks that language to me sometimes and I pretend to understand, but I like it better when she sticks with good ol' Anglais.

What does this all mean for me? Neglect.

Well, not really neglect for me because there is the other person, but certainly neglect for my dog blogging friends and fans and my own blog. We haven't been to visit anydog in two whole weeks. But she has promised that once she gets back, things will be back on track. I'll get to see what all you dogs have been up to while I've been whiling away my time on the couch.

Watch over the next week or so for some guest blogs though and we still have to post about our important A04 mission.