Monday, September 01, 2008

How many of us can you find?

As those of you who've followed me over the last several years know my pack has gone from two dogs and three kitties when I started to blog to seven dogs and three kitties.

When my people tell other people this, especially when they mention that six of us are border collies, people are pretty sure that they are crazy and that our house must be nutty. Really, it's not particularly nutty at all. We're usually ready for big fun, but we also settle down if we have to. Note Exhibit A above.

So, right now, my goofy little brother Hamish is at sheep school and Fritz didn't fit in the picture above. But, the other 8 of us are in the picture along with one of the people.

Can you find us all (hint: one of us is hiding in the curtains)?

If you can find us all, can you name us all?

Most important, can you find ME?