Saturday, February 26, 2005


Well, big stuff at our house this week-end. First off, we have a visitor, Darby.

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She's a real cutie as you can see. We think she looks a lot like Inji, our old matriarch kitty. She hisses like Inji, too (and in fact, they hissed at each other earlier today). I didn't know dogs hissed--but she's done it several times to me, too. When she got here this morning, she and Tansy both stress-peed on the floor--I was keeping my distance from both of them.

She's the friend of Brody, who stayed with us in October. She kinda looks like him, too. She's a kai inu/shibu inu mix.

Since Darby was coming to visit (she'll be here til March 7th), one of my people stayed home with me and Tansy (who is downstairs playing with a squeeky toy because she doesn't think anyone has noticed--that's the only time she plays with toys) and the other one took Renzo to a flyball tournament. Lucky boy--but he deserves it after this long time when he's been benched because of the dew claws. And I've not had to go in my crate at all today (and once my person finishes channeling me for this blog, we're going for a W.A.L.K.). And that's the lesson for today:

I don't have to be in my crate to take a nap. I can take one just about anywhere.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Tansy is fun

Well, there's nothing like another Border Collie in the house to make life just nothing but fun and games. Me and Tansy have been playing all day long (except for some requisite long naps). She's starting to play with balls and to leap and pounce with joy--just like me. Even Renzo got in to some of the fun today and chased her around and teased her into chasing him.

Here's Tansy and me looking kind of like we're singing and dancing--I guess we are...

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My person's been pretty happy today too--something about listening to country music (though she also gets happy when she listens to lots of other kinds--today's just been country). She even did some housecleaning while we played.

Lesson for today?
Even a snowy day in late February is fun with Tansy and country music

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Hitting the box is FUN

Today was flyball day. Yay!! I love flyball practice. I get to play and I get to watch all the other guys. Plus all my favorite people and dogs are all together in one place. Can't beat it. Everybody did really well today, too, which makes all the people pretty happy.

I did really good. My box is coming along well with a pretty good turn and a pretty quick release. Plus, I'm single stepping the jumps most of the time. Best of all, I'm learning to cock my body when my person says "Ready".

So, what'd I learn today?
It's easier to get a good running start when you cock first.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Ice is slippery

We went for a walk today. Pretty cold, just a little snow on the ground, but lurking underneath were patches of ice. Luckily, when I slide around, it doesn't much bother me, but not so my person. She fell. Twice. I felt pretty bad for her, but what can you do.

What I learned today:
Ice is slippery and when people hit it, some of them fall down

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

10 days: 10 things I've learned

So, I know I said I was going to write one thing I learned every day. But, well you know that problem of being dependent on someone with opposable thumbs who also has a demanding job as an academic.

I sometimes think I take precedence over her students, research, and other commitments, but these last 10 days, I've been decidedly further down the list. It's not that she doesn't love me, I know. And I know she feels really bad too. So, I'm cutting her some slack (that's the good thing about us dogs--we don't really hold any grudges). But, to catch everyone up, I'm going to write down the things I've learned since Feb. 11.

Feb. 12:
Flyball practice on Saturday throws everyone off schedule
Feb. 13:
There are "valentines". My friend Jake sent me one that he got as part of a fundraiser for Valentine, a foster available from Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue.
Feb. 14:
Some dogs really don't like it when you get near them while they're chewing a bone. Not me though.

Feb. 15:
If you stand up and "shop" the kitchen counters, you often find tasty treats AND your person will pay attention to you (that's the main lesson--the treats are really just a lagniappe)
Feb. 16:
Anything can be a tug-toy
Feb. 17:
People have "birthdays". Dogs have "welcome home days".
Feb. 18:
Three dogs can really wear a single human out.
Feb. 19
Running up-hill in the snow is excellent training for competitive dog sports like flyball (doesn't hurt the humans either).
Feb. 20
Sundays are really no different from any other day if you're a border collie. Except that the people are around more and dress differently.
Feb. 21
When people go away, they almost always come back so there's no need to worry. Even when they're gone for several days.

And the thing I learned today?

Nothing says "I love you" like a peanut butter-filled toy