Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Back from camp (Guest Blog)

Rafe here.

Been gone a while. Missed my Flock. Specially young Kyzer. Found out I'm a Trooper with Army of 4. Good, thanks. Copper's a grand-dog, good.

Here's a video of me [and trainer], working. Hot out. Camera dirty.

First, just quick outrun and fetch. Next a bigger outrun. [Hay feeder for sheep in foreground.] You see me flank very wide. Sheep are light, I am powerful and have strong eye. Sheep start to hustle. Used to be, I'd turn in and stop too soon. Sheep wouldn't move. At camp, learned what to do right. Then, after lift, bring them to trainer. Next shot, don't know what's going on. Think I'm moving sheep. At the end you see the pen. Sheep go in it. That's my new job. Working on it.


Monday, May 07, 2007

Across the Other Water (Guest Blog)

Greetings, Gentlepups!

Miss Pippin is still Savouring our lovely Weather, and asked that I Post to the Blog. I am a pup of few Words, and I too Enjoy the Weather. Well.

My person graciously showed me this Photograph, and I will Share it with you. This dog is a Collie, but not Our kind. Her name is Peggy, and she lived in Japan. Japan is Across the Other Water. Perhaps one day I will See the Water. Better, to see Sheep.