Tuesday, August 07, 2007

We are fam.i.ly

Hi pups,

Pippsie here--I've been on a bit of a hiatus. My scribe's had the usual this and that to take care of. Now that the universe is about to be in season--uh, I mean session--again, it's time for her to shift some attention to her lessons...and to what she's going to teach those students. Anyway, that usually means more time at the computer, less time with the tennis ball. Sigh.

Rafey wrote about seeing his family (little Kyzer saw his family there too--it was fun. Or so I heard, I didn't get to go as usual). Got me to thinking about family and how much I love my pack even though only Hamish and me share some genes. But, love makes a family, so I've heard. Now, Hamish doesn't really love Rafe, but I guess that happens in families too.

I've even come around to loving the wicked kitty Fox. Why, just last night, I play-bowed right at him.

The other thing I was thinking about family is about my dogs with blogs family. We were so sad after we heard about dear Oscar leaving us for the Rainbow Bridge and then read about poor Marvin's mom worrying that she didn't visit enough other pup blogs. So, we started feeling a little guilty too. We read lots of blogs but we don't always comment--even when we laugh at everydog's adventures. Then, we heard from Chuck, the bizzle dizzle, that it was one year since our doggie friends convinced my person to keep on bloggin'.

See I'd been blogging for a pretty long time and never got a single comment. So, my person and me decided that maybe we should focus more time on learning flyball than on blogging about it, so we said sayonara. We'd joined Dogs with Blogs a few months before that--I'm dog #59 (who would have guessed there'd be such an exponential rise in dog bloggers to almost 600 now!). And suddenly all these doggies came to the blog and left me a message and I looked at Chuck's page and his Opy had come up with Paw-It-Forward. I was the dog who was going to quit--sad but true.

And suddenly, we had so many friends and we keep getting more. And, that's another way of looking at family.

And that is totally cool....