Wednesday, March 14, 2007

"Puppy" pics from First Dog, Renzo (Guest Blog)

Hi everydog. You might remember me. I'm Renzo, first dog. The people became a pack when they added me back in 2001. I was young and very skinny. They didn't have a digital camera then. The very first pictures of me aren't on the computer. That's o.k., except for gaining a few pounds, I don't look all that different. Most of these picture are from life B.B.C. (before Border Collies). I had fun then. I have fun now too.

When the people finally joined the rest of the world and got a digital camera, some of their first pictures were of me. Here's one
I'm glad the people like taking my picture. I don't like the flash, though. Never have, never will.
One of my main jobs for the pack is squirrel duty. I don't like them and they don't like me. Kind of like Miss Ivy, I am part of a secret Anti-Squirrel Army. Here I am patrolling the borders of my property while on squirrel duty. I found one lurking in a tree.
Here I am just keeping an eye on things from my preferred vantage point on the deck
In B.B.C. times, I used to play with my neighbor, Zuri. Her people got her only a few months before I claimed my people. But, she hated Pippin from the moment they met and after Pippin came to live with us, Zuri didn't want to play in the yard with me anymore. That's o.k., I like Pippin. Zuri went to live with new people last summer so we don't see her anymore.
I trained the kittes about dogs in B.B.C. time. It's a good thing too since B.C.'s sometimes like to "herd" kitties. The people *almost* had to give me back because while I was training the kitties, I was pretty relentless about one of them and did whatever I could to try and catch him. I just wanted to tell him that dogs are o.k., but he kept running away. The people made all kinds of barriers and that kitty moved to the basement for a while. But, look, now we are pretty good friends
The big white cat Macchio and I always got along. He taught me how to be gentle and I taught him how to hug a dog. I really still miss him.
Finally, the thing that caused life to go from B.B.C to A.B.C (after Border Collies) was flyball. Funny thing is, I'm the only dog the people actually trained to play. So, here are two pics of me playing flyball and one of my person asking me to stop barking (my nickname at home is Sir Barks-a-lot--I don't know why people think that's funny).