Sunday, August 27, 2006

Faith restored

My trust in my human companions has been restored (perhaps only briefly, but still baby steps are important steps). True to rumor, we DID go to a Border Collie Picnic on Saturday and we DID go to flyball practice today (and herding last Thursday WAS canceled). AND, best of all, the people DID enroll me in an advanced agility class and it starts tomorrow--wheeeeee.

The picnic was the annual Great Lakes BC Rescue picnic. We love GLBCR because that's how we got Tansy in Feb. 2005. And since Tansy came to our house, my people have also worked pretty hard to help other Border Collies who need new families.

Me and my gang let 11 other pups hang out at our house (not all at once--one at a time thank goodness) while my people looked for new homes for them. That's what people call "fostering". My friends at Dogs with Blogs, the ones who convinced me to keep on blogging, also help pupsters in need by giving all the "dogs with blogs" proceeds to a rescue organization in Australia. There's so many people who don't treat their dogs in ways befitting a dog that it's so nice for all of us to know that there are also lots of people who work really hard to help.

Anyway, the picnic was fun--50+ Border Collies and Border Collies mixes (and a few others who get to be honorary BCs on the day of the picnic--like Billy's awesome Rottie sister, Grace Anne) all running around off leash, doing border collie kinds of things at the Bluhm County dog park in LaPorte, IN.

Flyball was pretty fun too and I got lots of compliments on how I run like the wind. Hamish did pretty well, but he still needs to get a better sense of where his back legs are. He's been complaining that he doesn't have a blog of his own. Right now, he's laying on his back, wiggling around, "talking" and kicking his back legs like a human infant--he is such a goof. I had to take the computer back to my crate just to get away from the embarrassment of it all. I don't think he's quite ready for the big-time world of blogging.

In any case, it was a pretty good week-end and I'm happy that what my people said was going to happen did.

Today's vision from the Pippin puppy archive
Little me in the snow