Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Yes, I'm still among the living

It would be nice, though, if my person let you, all my fans, know that I'm alive once in a while. I hate being beholden to the opposable thumbs. Hate it. I want to speak to those in charge immediately. (I've tried this approach before--it never works--but a girl can hope).

Anyway, I have to be quick since my person is "working" (uh-huh....), but I wanted to tell everyone about my new trick I learned on Sunday. See, one of my people had been gone for days and days--we never know where she goes, but all of a sudden she's gone. We still have the other person, of course, but we are kind of a lot for only one person--even when we are trying hard to be good and not annoying (cf. Meeshka's blog). See, we don't want to throw the people into complete hysteria and have them decide to have fewer of us, so we try to be accommodating when there is only one of them around. Plus, we were being especially careful since Rafe just came back from herding camp and, even though he annoys US, we do like having the extra paws available for our missions, so the rest of us work hard to keep him from annoying THEM.

All beside the point--except to say that when my person came home she was really tired and just wanted to watch some football on TV. So, there they were watching the Bears and the Giants (and rooting for the Giants since the Bears don't really seem like all that) when POOF, off went the TV--and all the other stuff connected to it.

Why? Because I figured out how to flip the switch on the little box that everything was plugged into. Cool trick, huh? You'd think it might have met with treats and praise, right? Perhaps a stuffed Kong for all my efforts. But no, they acted like it hadn't even happened--not so much as as a laugh or a "well done". And I thought humans were a species of culture and decorum.