Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring snow

Hey everypup,

Here in Michigan, we got our first big spring dump of snow last night (we're also hoping that it's our last dump of snow for the season.....). The pups in my pack LOVE the snow (except for Renzo, who gets cold--but even he likes it for a little while). My people took us out at 11:30 last night just to play in the snow. They had some delusional idea that having us play later would entice us to sleep later. Bwahahahah--silly people.

But, we still had a lot of fun. We've had a lot of fun this morning, too. You can see me running and frolicking up there.

Below are Hamish and Kyzer having some fun with each other
Rafey with his ball. Doesn't he look all serious-like--he's kinda like that, but he also knowns how to have a goofy time, too.
And the people even captured our new packmate, Ness, with her ears UP!! She mostly likes to keep them tighter to her head.
The people are sorry they haven't been bloggin' much. It's their usual story. The one who has all the work at the universe seems to think it's reasonable to turn OUR house into the universe too and she's been working a whole lot. The sem-tester (what is a sem-tester?) is over in a few weeks, so she'll have no more excuses about the blog. Except, somehow she always finds some.

When the one spends so much time, the other one has to pick up all the household chores, which means she doesn't have time to blog much either. And neither of them has been visiting my dog blog friends very often to let them know that we're still alive and to tell me about the blogging pee-mail. We just found out that Charlie'd been sick and that Freda's person had been at the people vet.

Hamish has been pining for Amber and we've had no way to let Copper know we've been following his travels in his quest to find Hershey. We wanted to invite him to Michigan on his way home, but the people are too lame to have let him know in time to add us to his itinerary.

We've also just caught up on how much Ivy's Benjamin has grown. We're very sad to see that Marvin the Hollow Hound has left the circle of dog bloggers and even his archives are gone.

And we haven't been to visit any of the dog bloggers who've left comments for us.....

Anyway, my people will be better soon and do more to fulfill their people-responsibilities. Luckily, they've been pretty good about getting us chow, taking us for morning walkies and making sure we have some enrichment activities like agility and working sheep. So, we have good hope that they will get back with the blogging program soon.