Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Something is upside down

Hey Pups,

It's me and I am not happy about the turn of events at my house. I think the world has just gone all topsy turvey. First, the new term of doggie classes started and RAFE!!! is going to as many classes as me. My people seem to have forgotten the rules we agreed to almost a year ago concerning guest blogging. Note in particular condition #4. Blatent violation and I will be contacting the steward of the Pupsters tomorrow.

In addition, after many sun-ups and sun-downs, my person seems to be working somewhere other than home. For a long time now, she's been home. Letting us out to play and potty every hour or so, more if we demanded it. Giving us cookies for looking cute, scritches on the ears just because. You remember me mentioning the universe(ity) where she works? Well, I think the on-switch got switched and now she has to go there all the time. And then, when she comes home, she still has to tap, tap on the computer, but it isn't on my blog. What's up with that? She was doing something before called sab-ba-ti-cal. Do you know what that is? Oh well, now she's doing something called tea-ching and com-mit-tees. I know about teaching because that what I do with Rafe, but I don't know about com-mit-tees. I don't think I'd like them, though.

On top of that, she was gone for a long time with my brother Hamish. Hamish came home being frankly a bit on the smug and snotty side. Seems he was off with my person at the farm doing important work. And she only took him. Note, that she didn't take ME. Sigh. Here was some of Hamish's work friends.
and here's what it looked like in the morning
And here's one just for Amber
(p.s.--Hamish is all recovered from his ow-ey from a couple weeks ago, Amber).

I really hope that things get back to normal sometime soon!