Friday, April 13, 2007

ha! ha! ha! (Guest Blog)

Hi! Hi! Hi!

Guess who?? Me, Fox!! Yes, CAT on Dog Blog!! They dint think I could do it! They think I Sleep! Like this!

Just cause they Sleep all day dunt mean I do!

Im Smart! Thats how I got to write here! Last week I tippt over a box of Thin Mints for Rafe! He was so happy he told me his password when I askt. Ha ha ha!

O O. I dont want my dogs to get in trouble cause Im here. My dogs are fun. Better go now. I can sneak on again later!


Monday, April 09, 2007

DNN Headline News

My fellow Dogizens

This is Pippin Noodle Moy reporting from Ann Arbor, MI. I've just been handed the opposable thumbs for the next few minutes. Not time for a real newscast, but just enough time for important headlines from Dog News Network:

DNN Headline News

1. Rafe and Fox Double Caper means Thin Mints for All
2. Pippin reaches new Heights sending Pee-mail
3. Kyzer makes it through Big Block Walk unscathed
4. In Landslide, Tansy wins Easter Bark-a-thon and Well-Deserved Bone
5. "Portrait of the Pouter as a Young Dog" author Hamish Braeburn Moy gives Exclusive DNN Interview
6. Person makes Homemade dog Cookies, Dogs eat
7. Fox dumps Junk Basket not once but Five Times before Moved
8. Renzo sleeps in People's Bed and lives to Tell
9. Set Clocks: Agility Class ends this Week
10. Spring Squirrels Require New Tactics and Vigilance. Report soon.

Spring? (Guest Blog)

Greetings Gentledogs!

I have been most perplexed by our weather patterns this season. Last week we were frolicking outside, playing, laughing, enjoying the Warmth and Sunshine. This week we find ourselves frolicking outside, playing, laughing, enjoying the Cold and Snow Flurries. I had been fairly certain we were now to see Flowers rather than Snow Flakes! There are so many Mysteries with Weather. My People have promised we will see Flowers soon, and I do Trust them. They did show me this Photograph of my favorite Flowers, and I would like to share it with you.

Ah, how lovely, do you not agree?