Friday, April 11, 2008

Dog bloggin'

Hey pup-a-dups,

So, my person has been away somewhere I never heard of before. It's called something like Afterthedam and to get there, she had to fly over the big ocean called the Atlantic. The funniest thing, though, is that she went there to talk to other people about, guess what....DOG BLOGS!!

That's right pups, my person told a bunch of other people about us and what we blog about (well, for some reason, she didn't tell people about me and my pack and what we blog about--that would have been unscientific, so she says). She told people about all you doggies' bloggies.

She's been working on this for a while (that's where some of your people's tax dollars have been going--so at least you know they're going for something good and useful....). Anyway, Opy and Charlie's SHD sent her the spreadsheet of all the dogger bloggers about a year ago (when there were *only*350 of us) and then she let her computer pick out 20 blogs to "work on".

It looked to me like she was playing around--counting some stuff and shouting "Eureka" once in while.

The people at the place in Afterthedam liked what she said about our writings. Here's what she said, if you're interested (it's a little weird to me, but maybe you'll get it)