Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Keeking (Guest Blog)

Rafe here.

Working a couple suns ago. Lots of snow. Went on big outrun, come-bye, brought my sheep, good. Did that a few times, more and more distance. Good. Then told to go away to me. Started to, then stopped. Looked back at my person. Was sure I'd lose my sheep if I went that way. Away to me. Started to, looked back, crossed over to come-bye. Bad choice. Lie down. Here. Away to me. Started, stopped, looked back. Away to me. Okay, I went away. Sheep didn't leave. I brought them. Did that a few more times. Good.

So, when I looked back at my person? Keeking. Not good for a sheepdog. Lack of confidence. Well, I'm confident now. And I trust my person's commands, for now.

So, don't call me a keeker. This picture here, I'm looking back. But I'm not working. I'm not keeking. Even if Hamish says so, I'm not.

Not a Keeker.