Saturday, October 18, 2008

What a Border Collie looks like, II (Guest Blog)

Greetings, Gentlepups!

Miss Pippin recently Posted about a topic of great interest to our flock: What We Look Like. As you may have Noted, we all look Different. Not only our Color, but our Coat and Build and Ears and Eyes and many other Aspects.

I share with you today an Aerial Photograph. (Curious, what Images are made of us, but often Useful!) I find it well illustrates my Sturdy yet Trim body:

(You may also note the lovely Waves of my Coat and attractive coloring of my Ruff.)

I will ask the other members of my Flock to share their Aerial Photographs, so as to further Knowledge and Understanding of the Border Collie.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What a border collie looks like

I've posted before about how border collies come in lots of shapes and sizes and are definitely not all black and white. As exhibit A, I present my two younger packmates, Hamish and Kyzer.

They are the same breed, but look different in many ways. What makes them the same breed is how the move and how the work sheep. That's true for me and Rafe, too (though we won't comment on who does a better *job* of working sheep--that's not what's at issue here.)

Anyway, not too long ago, Rafe had the opportunity to be the spokesdog for a bag of dog food. A big company and food that our people don't feed us, but still we were all flattered that the company creating the bag image was interested in Rafe. Rafe even made some money for his work. But, alas, when the new dog food bag came out, guess what kind of border collie was on it.

This kind:
I'm sure this is a very nice dog--but don't you think Rafe (or Hamish or Kyzer or for heaven's sake, me, me, me) would have been a better choice?