Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Newz from the Crew

It's me, friends, Pippin. My person has been BAD, BAD, BAD (I even called her "Bad Person" and hit her on the nose with my paw--not that she would ever dream of doing that to me. 'Specially since I'm not a person....). There's been so much news with our crew that it's hard to even remember what's happened.

Kyzer (he's the one standing up with the bat ears) has been away at sleep away sheep school for weeks and weeks. We are worried that he isn't going to remember us when he comes back. We think he'll remember sleeping on the feather bed, though.

Our people seem to think that the house goes out of balance if it doesn't contain six dogs and so while Ky's been at ovine camp, there's been a foster dog at our house. Her name is Ness and she's an older gal--somewhere between 8-10. She was going to have to go to sleep for a long time (that's what my people said) and so they brought her to our house so at least she can sleep on a cushy bed until she can go to a rescue place in Ohio.

She's put us all in our place kind of like a school marm. She likes to sleep in the same room with all of us and really just enjoys sleeping on a soft bed and having some good food.

She's very, very skinny and the vet thought maybe she'd had many puppies. She told me that she'd been running around on the street, scrounging for food for a while. Before she came to our house, a doggie doctor wanted to make it so she couldn't have puppies any more, but then he said she was too skinny and needed some meat on her bones first. Plus, she had creepy crawlies in her belly, so those had to go away, too.

I guess I'll save the other newz for another post. Maybe by doing that, my person will feel a little more guilty about how much she's neglected the blog. I hear that the universe will soon be in remission or something like that, so maybe she'll give me the opposable thumbs more often--at least for a few weeks.