Wednesday, August 25, 2004

What'd I learn today?

Well, today was kind of a bust for me because my people were off at work (one of them was at home, but all she does is work on the laptop--it'd make me nuts to sit still for so long...). I did have a good long walk and do some complicated fetch games.

I also got some practice running to the tug. That's one of the skills I have to learn. There are lots and lots of others and I've got a start on all of them, but haven't yet mastered them. My buddy Renzo, can play the whole game, but he's still working on ignoring other dogs. I think when I get that far, I won't have as much trouble as he's had--but then again, we're all different.

Flyball requires attention to several different tasks: running, catching the ball, jumping over hurdles, jumping on a weird box, passing another dog, catching the tug. And basically, you learn it backwards. So, you start by running to your person, then you add in going over jumps, then you add in the box, and then you add in the ball last of all. I'm at the stage of practicing running over the hurdles to catch my people. Here's a step by step guide

Before you can do any of it, though, you have to learn to pay attention. My people have been working with me since I was 8 weeks old--I've been to four obedience classes and I'm about to start an agility class and a flyball class in the fall. So, I know a lot of commands, but right now, the world is often far more interesting than the jobs my people think up for me (isn't that often the case?). So, they are working hard to make themselves more interesting to me and I'm working sort of hard (well, at least I'm working) at being interested in paying attention to them.

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