Friday, August 04, 2006

Wow--9 comments

I got NINE comments on my blog yesterday--that's more than in the whole previous two years combined. Being a dog and all, what that says to me is that I should quit every day (e.g. some behavior got a particular desired response). My person said I couldn't, though. Human rules really are far too illogical, but since I don't have the opposable thumbs, I'm somewhat at their mercy for some of my creative endeavors (others I am quite good at all by myself, like skillfully removing cat food from the kitchen counter. My people don't appreciate my creative talents nearly enough, however.)

Here's a picture of me with my gal pal, Tansy, just for those of you who love speckle faces (I'm in back)

Anyway, I realize I've gotten a little far from my original flyball focus, so I wanted to explain my training exercise from yesterday. Like I posted previously, since I let the people know that I like to turn right, not left, I have to re-learn my turn. So, my person had me catching the ball off the wall. That means she threw it so it bounced once on the floor, hit the wall and the bounced off and I was supposed to catch it off the wall. That simulates it coming out of the box. She was laughing and having fun, so I did too. My catch off the real box improved some, so that was good.

My other activities yesterday included continuing work on Rafe's education about doggy manners. That boy has one thick skull. Here's a picture of him. My people really like him because he looks so a-typical.

Even the people in the Border Collie rescue group where Tansy came from weren't sure he was a border collie. My people have some papers, though, with a lot of funny names like "Snip" and "Wisp", places like "Isle of Man" and "Ireland", and some marks that mean "International Champion" on them and they say that means he is BC through and through. They have papers like that for all four of us BCs in the family. Like I said, humans are kind of hard to figure sometimes. Does it really matter that much?

BC or not, he is one rude youngster. Just this morning, he laid down right in front of me and just stared. Then, when I showed him my ferocious teeth, he laid over on his side, still staring and actually touched my paw with his nose. Well, you can understand how appalled I was, I'm sure. Tansy was saying "move away, move away, move away" as only she can, but it took a low growl from me to finally get the big oaf to move back to his side of the room. Trying, trying times at my house. Thank goodness for flyball and sheep.

Today's lesson?
Don't try to understand people rules unless they affect you directly. They affect you if the human is holding a toy or food or making a clicky sound or calling your name or giving another dog attention


Bogart H. Devil said...

Hi Pippin!

Ah, don't quit... I know that sometimes blogging feels like screaming into a vacuum (for me too!) but you know that the humans just looooove to read about us, and pictures of us make them go all wiggly.

Keep up the good work buddy!


Isabella said...

Wow- Pippin! You are making lots of friends now- good for you. I think fly ball would tons of fun, but I don't have the drive to be as good at it as you. I get bored with retrieving after about 4 throws. But I am doing great with my obedience training!

You left a comment at my blog asking how often I get a bath- I get a bath every two weeks and a full grooming every 6 weeks. Seems my human doesn't want me smelling like a dog- she wants me to smell like a lavender coconut-hee hee! I don't mind, though. I love my baths and even try to get in the tub with my human when she takes a bath or shower. I love water!
Big Wags,

Charlie Kelley-Church said...

Hey Pippen- Is it hard to learn fly-ball? I like to chase my Mr. Ring outdoor toy but fly-ball seems much harder. Also, do the balls squeek? I like only balls that squeek.

Don't give up your blog! I liked it.

Unknown said...

hi pippin hows it??? im here a casuse of opy. come visit us at the zoo

JustMeCopper said...

Pippin you and your girlfriend are so good looking. I have never seen a dog some handsome and speckled. I like reading your blog and have one of my own now. Keep writing.

Anonymous said...

Oh! No! Don't quit it now that I have just found you! Your blog is REALLY cool!
Kind licks :P

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

Don't let up on Tansy, Pippin. These pups today must learn to respect their elders.
Best regards,
Supreme Ayatollah
Pug Life Ministries

P.S. Your ladyfriend is quite fetching.

Roxie, Sammy, Andy and Shermie said...

Hi Pippin!

We are glad you aren't closing your blog. We have been lucky since Isabella has left comments for us from the beginning. Even then we have found dogs who read us but didn't leave comments at first. We will come visit again!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Anonymous said...

Hi Pippin,

Lots of times people read a blog without leaving comments so rest assured, you're not going unnoticed. M GO BLUE!!

A Wolverine In Exile

Boomer and his mom Carol said...

Hi Pippin,

Saw you on the Ayatollah's page and had to check you out. I have a blog too but I stopped because of the lack of comments and committment but you have inspired me. Don't know if I'll start it up again but at the very least mom is going to add you to her list of blogs to check out.

Shmoo said...


I find that ignoring what the humans say is much more effective than doing what they say. We all know their lingo, and yet they refuse to learn ours, so I think its time you went on strike completely. You get a lot of attention then.


SpillToJill said...

Oh - we are border peeps! Murphy is our girl!