Saturday, September 09, 2006


A banner day at our house yesterday.

Thanks to my crafty ways and excellent teaching skills--I was able to snag a blueberry muffin without being caught because my person was more worried about getting the blueberry muffin that Rafe stole away from him.

Although Rafe and I have had a rocky start, I'm beginning to see the potential in having an ally in the all important war of the counter. My person thought she'd outsmarted us (actually she wasn't paying much attention to us if truth be told), so I sent Rafe in as an early scout. He quickly spied the secret treasure, hot muffins cooling on a wire rack, and reported back. I told him that the time had come for him to earn his stripes, and even though he was not assured success, he sucked it up, took a deep breath and went for the prize. I waited behind, giving quiet pointers and was happy when he carefully made off with a muffin. I thought he was in the clear until suddenly, my person looked up from her computer, leapt to her feet and hurried over to where Rafe was valiantly trying to get the whole muffin down his gullet without chewing. It was a move any teacher would be proud of, but alas, he just doesn't have enough miles on him yet and, like the rest of us, has been brain-washed into immediately heeding the "drop it" command--so, the person was able to get the prize away from him.

However, back in the kitchen....

Once I realized that her attentions were diverted and that there was no hope for success with Rafe's venture, I quickly went in for a muffin of my own. My person was none the wiser until later when she counted the muffins. And as compensation for an excellent first attempt at stealing from the counters, I let Rafe lick the crumbs off my muzzle. I believe there is hope for him yet.

And then.....

My people were so lame as to leave a cheese slicer, with much delectable cheese residue right on the very same counter only a few hours later. Here is what they came home to--

It is difficult to see in the picture, but in addition to thoroughly cleaning the slicer, I also nibbled the handle just enough to leave my mark. I didn't want one of the other dogs, and especially not my goofy little brother Hamish, to get any credit OR to alert the people to the fact that I'm working with both young boys--Hamish and Rafe--to join me in the battle for the counter. They now know about Rafe, but haven't yet figured out that Hamish is part of my silent army, too. He will be a much more subtle, covert operator.

I'm still contemplating the moment when I can deploy him--right now, I'm holding him back as a secret weapon. My people have been properly lulled into believing he is a little sweet boy, as evidenced by this picture of him, where he has well-disguised his cunning, sneaky ways.

Little do they know what terrors await them.

Today's picture from the puppy archive
Early training for the battle of the counter. Although they gave me the treat, I quickly practiced taking it to a lair for consumption


Charlie Kelley-Church said...

Well- I am VERY impressed with your skills. Wish my mom made muffins! I did manage to beg some eggs & toast at breakfast and some buffalo roast at dinner but not nearly impressive as your mission.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha!!!! That account was hilarious! :D

You're such a great dog Pippin! I've no doubt the other dogs will thrive under your "leadership"! Soldier on!

p.s. Love your puppy pix!!


Maximillian the Valliant said...

Excellent! Excellent my Little Apple. I myself have been most sucessful of late. Two whole pieces of pepperoni pizza and oatmeal muffin and my silly sister Lily's half finished breakfast.

The lean days are over, my friend!