Friday, December 08, 2006

Report from the field II (Guest Blog)

Hey Dogs

Rafe here. Miss Pippin is resting in her crate. Thought I'd get a word in. Herding camp was good, been back a few weeks. Got my "lie down" and "that'll do". Met a nice black-and-white gal named Daisy. Played with Jack who was also at camp. That's him in the picture. Says he's related to Hamish, don't know about that. Missed my pack. Missed chasing tennis balls. Hey Pappy, don't go cold turkey unless you have sheep around.

My people say I lost something recently, don't know what. I know I feel faster, more air-o-dynamic. So I think I gained something, not lost. Hmm.

Oh. Our pack knows something's up here. Has something to do with sheep herding. I told you I was at herding camp. My instructor's best trial dog was fixing to have pups soon. So I've been thinking. Maybe I'll talk with the pack.

Keep your barks short and sweet,


Nat said...

I am not ...exactly sure... what Pappy would do with a sheep. It's not always entirely clear when he'll run after something and when he'll run away from it. But, yeah, he's got tennis balls down. And I think he'd know what to do with a squirrel.

Anonymous said...

i can't wait to find out what the secret is!!!!!

The Army of Four said...

Maybe you're getting a flock of PUPPIES to herd!!!!! How cool would THAT be!?!?!?
Tail wags,

Isabella said...

Today is the day!!! When do we get to find out the secret??
Festive Wags,
15 days till Christmas

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Secret ? What secret ? Please tell me - I MUST know !