Monday, March 19, 2007

Pictures from the true puppy (Guest Blog)

Hi, 'member me? I'm Kyzer, the only real puppy left in the house. I turned 5 mos. old on last Saturday, so I still have quite a bit of growing to do. Two weeks ago, I made the big boy move to only have two meals a day instead of three. So, these pictures are all of me when I was still a little puppy who needed to eat three (or four in the beginning) times a day.

Here I am at 5 weeks playing with two of my sisters. We are tugging the camera strap. I'm the big one on the left
Here's another one of me with my littlest sister, Emma. Right now, I weigh almost 30 lbs and she doesn't even weigh 20. She's pretty feisty, though.
Here's the whole puppy pile on the day we all went home. Can you guess which one I am (hint: I'm the biggest in the whole litter)
If you didn't find me, I'm the one laying the farthest to the right. Don't we all look a little bovine? Here's me awake that day (and pretty worried about what was going on)
Look at my ears (Hamish said I should say that.) I settled in pretty nicely at home. I got to sit in the person's lap all the way home even though I was supposed to ride in a crate. She just didn't want to put me down and the crate was SOO big for such a little fellow.
Look how cute and sweet I was out on the deck. Looks like I'm going to have floppy ears.
I may look sweet and all, but I'm no pushover and I know how to defend my stuff. Rafe and Hamish have always wrestled and played with me and taught me how to keep hold of my stuff. The older dogs (and definitely Queen Pippin) don't play with me at all. They're boring.
I got to see sheep for the first time when I was 8 weeks old, but only from outside the pen. I was pretty interested. Even though Hamish got be in the pen with the sheep when he was just 4 1/2 mos. old, I have to wait until I'm 6 mos. old. It's not really fair, but what's a boy to do?
I like to play with balls, toys and tugs a lot. I try to keep them away from Hamish and Rafe. I "bat" about 50%, but my averages are getting better as I get bigger.
Here was my official portrait at 4 mos. Look, my ears are coming up a little bit. That's when I got weighed at the vet and I weighed 25.4 lbs. The vets say that puppies will be about double their weight at 16 weeks, so I'm gonna be a pretty big guy. That's good--then I'll be as big as Rafe. He weighs almost 50 lbs. Hamish is a skinny guy. He only weighs 41 lbs, but he's taller and longer than Rafe. That's why he's the corner back on our football team. I don't have a position yet, but my people keep saying lineman or tight end. We'll see. (Rafe is the quarterback, Pippin is the wide receiver; Renzo is the kick returner and Tansy is the linebaker--aren't the people doofy?).

Even though I'm a big boy and all, sometimes I just have to rest a little bit. And where better to rest than a spot in the sun?
Finally, here's the "portrait" my person took on the first day I got no lunch. Don't I look like I am starving? I'm completely gaunt. It's amazing I didn't keel over from low blood suger. That's pretty much what I still look like, only bigger and more handsome. And look at my ears! They look like they're going to be tippy ears.


Sophie Brador said...

Wow! It's a dog-a-thon. I haven't visited in a while, so now, I'm confused about whose who and who lives where. But all those puppy pics are completely adorable!

Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Hey Kyzer, I'm only 9 months old now, so the shock of suddenly being denied my lunchtime meal is still fresh in my mind. No fun is it? I jave to say, you do get used to it though, hmph!

I loved seeing your growing up photos!

Oscar x

The Army of Four said...

Hi Kyzer! What great pictures of you! You're really getting to be a big puppy, aren't you? And you know what puppies MUST do, don't you? That's right - obey the black and white girls. That's what Stormy says, anyway, and I always listen to her. Ask Pippin what she thinks about that.
I can't see Miss Tansy as a linebacker. I'm not sure why. I'll have to ask Dad what positions we'd play.
Amber said to tell you she loves your ears!
Play bows,

The Airechicks said...


Nice PUP PICS..your a very handsome boy.....

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you're cute and all, but what are you doing about the constant threat from the commies?