Sunday, August 19, 2007

Boring, rainy day

Well, friends, we are bored today. It's raining (meaning short, wet walkies) and the people are doing boring, VERY boring things. Here I am thinking carefully about tennis balls while my person types away and away.

Kyzer has also decided that today seems to be more or less a bust. Though he did get a new Nylabone to chew on, which made him act pretty spoiled and not wanting to share
Miss Tansy is waiting for her special person to stop doing laundry

And my goofy brother Hamish can barely muster the desire to open his eyes, he's so bored.
What are all you other pups doing on this lazy Sunday?


Balboa said...

I HATE the rain, just hate it!

Same here, its just a lazy Sunday. Short little walks and lots and lots of lounging and sleeping on the couch.

Mommy and daddy have are invited to a neighbor's BBQ later on, I think I just might stay home and sleep in my new cozy bed.

Frenchie SNorts

The Army of Four said...

We have no rain - none! Floods all around us, but no water here. Works for me, as I don't like to get my feety-feet wet, but somehow this upsets the farmers. They must like getting their feety-feet wet. Go figure.
It's hot, hot, hot out - so we've been playing zoomies in the living room a lot. It's great fun!
Luv to your whole flock,

Deanna said...

We did the same, but no rain here as an excuse...

Lizzy said...

it's raining here too. Rain, rain, rain. It does feel good to be lazy today though. =)


Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

We had rain all day Saturday, which meant only one walkies instead of my normal 3.

But Sunday was grand, and I went for a swim in the river, though I nearly got swept downstream, yikes!

love and licks, your friend in Scotland, Marvin xxxxxxx