Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Heeling Experience (Guest Blog)

Greetings Gentlepups!

Our Flock has been Most Busy of late. Yet we all have Tails to Tell. Miss Pippin has requested that I Speak first.

My Recent Experience began with a small Laceration, of unknown Cause, inflicted upon my Flank. (It was not deep, and is all Heeled now.) To Mend, the Vet stapled my Wound and gave me Heeling medicine. Alas, the staples fell out. (Master Hamish said the same had occurred to him. Perhaps it is a Sheepdog Issue.) Then the Vet sewed my Wound. I also received a clear Lampshade to wear. Pups, I believe Lampshades belong Elsewhere, do you not agree? My people agreed. But they did not wish for me to Heel my wound myself. So they placed upon me a Heeling Shirt:

(Here it is being Gathered and Pinned, so that I might Run Freely.)

This Heeling Shirt carried Greater Power than I knew! It bore the image of a Wolverine. My people said the Wolverines were Lost, and Many were Sad. Everypup, can you Guess? Once I began wearing the Heeling Shirt, the Wolverines were Found! I wore the Shirt for Ten Suns. Then my people declared me Heeled. I no longer wear the Shirt; the Wolverines are still not Lost.

I am Most Pleased that wearing my Shirt helped the Wolverines. Yet it is quite Curious, to Wear a Shirt and Impact Distant Events. I will Think About It, and Nap.



Deanna said...

Too bad it wasn't a Cubs shirt! Next year!

Princess Eva and Brice said...

Hi Tansy, thanks for visiting our blog. We wish we had a pack as big as yours! And you get to play with sheep! Eva would really enjoy that since she is a Belgian Turvuren. I would probably just want to play with them. I have had to wear the healing shirt before also. Once when I had knee surgery and another time when I had a fatty tumor removed. NOT FUN! Hope you and your pack have a great weekend! Belly Rubs, Tasha.

The Army of Four said...

Oh, NO! Dear Miss Tansy - are you OK? Well, you said you are, but oh MY! How scary! I hope you're feeling really good and happy now.
When Stormy had her surgery, the vet sent a lampshade home with her, but Mom said she would rather watch her 24 hours a day than subject her to the lampshade. I think that was very kind of Mom. Storm would NOT have been happy wearing that thing!
My daddy would like to know if you'd be willing to wear a Cleveland Indian shirt. I was born near an Indian reservation, but I'm pretty sure they weren't from Cleveland. The whole thing befuddles me!
Love to you and your whole pack,

Lizzy said...

Oh, not the lampshade! Isn't it annoying? Why can't those things go on the lamps, where they are supposed to be?


Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

oh I quite agree, a dog's head is no place for a lampshade, what are these hooooomans thinking of?

I am glad you are better now Tansy!

love and licks, Marvin xxxxx

JustMeCopper said...

So the healing shirt worked? Did it cover your legs? It looks like you can't walk?