Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Gram and Gramps (Guest Blog)

Rafe here.

Went on a ride a couple Suns ago. (Odd detour, tell you about that in another post.) Got to see Gram and Gramps. Love 'em. Been to their den several times. Behave like a Gentle Dog, they like that. Course I do, they're Elders and I respect that. Lots of Elders live near them, it's a community. Good place: the Elders can have dogs, or cats. Either way, good.

Gram and Gramps both had some work on their hearts. Had to check on them. They have good hearts, so I'm glad they are taking care. They say they are tired but healthy. Good.

Here's a photo from the warm time. I'm waiting. You can see Gram behind me. Way behind, see an Elder and another pup?

Bark softly, pups.



Lizzy said...

Good to hear they're doin' good and healthy. I hope you have a good week,


The Army of Four said...

Rafe - you look like you're protecting your Gram! That's really nice!
We know somehow to act calm around elders and wee baby bipeds. Mom and Dad really like that about us. Woo.