Friday, May 30, 2008

Not Much Going On? (Guest Blog)

Rafe here. Miss Pippin said I could post, since she was having no luck. You'd think we had nothing going on. Ha. Headlines:

1 - Ness Barks, Scooters Persist
2 - International Dog of Mystery Has Play Dates
3 - Renzo Wins All Races at Dog Park
4 - Trial: Hamish Can't Find Sheep, Rafe Can't Lie Down
5 - Sitting in Laps Results in Snuggles, Pippin Finds
6 - Tansy Revels in Farm Vacation
7 - Hamish and Rafe to Attend Clinic; Tansy and Kyzer Will Too
8 - Welcoming her 19th Year, Inçi Investigates New Diet


1 comment:

The Army of Four said...

Woo. We were wondering where you all were! Great and intriguing headlines, Rafe. I keep trying #5 myself; I'm all about snuggling. Mom seems to think 58 pounds is "not a lap dog size". I don't see why not!
PS: Please give our best to all the pack!