Saturday, November 15, 2008

Thanks for Game! (Guest Blog)

Greetings Gentlepups!

I have heard that the Time is soon to give Thanks for Blessings. I have many many Thanks so I begin Today. (I believe several Suns will be Required.) First barks are for my Flock.

Young Hamish is a Good Flockmate and Kind to his Sheep. This summer he showed me a new Game: Worming! His Instruction was Excellent. Here are Photos illustrating his Technique:

First, sniff out a likely area:

Ascertain the Presence of Worms:

Push dirt with Nose:

Stay aware of the environment:

Yet focus on Task at hand:

Persist, Dig deeply for Success:

I learned well. Thank You Hamish!

Sharp Barks,

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The Army of Four said...

Woo! Miss Tansy, I am very thankful for this interesting tutorial! I usually wait for the worms to show up on the sidewalk. Freeze-dried ones are best. I never thought about getting my own! Please thank Hamish for me! Oh... yeah... and also please tell him Ammy thinks he looks very handsome. Whatever. Crazy kid sister.
You look quite lovely digging, too.