Wednesday, January 28, 2009

40 Things About Us (Guest Blog)

Rafe here.

Pippin said she let her Scribe post. Something about everyone knowing everything about us already. Nonsense. Think I can come up with 40 things.

40 Things About Pippin's Flock

1.  Miss Pippin is very polite. Somedog wants a toy she has, she lets them have it. (Blog posts too.)
2. Miss Pippin will "bow" if a person blows at her face.
3. Kyzer is crazy-excited to go outside in the morning. (Guess we all are.)
4. I have a couple spots on my inner front leg. Otherwise I couldn't've joined the Flock.
5. Hamish has at least 6 shades of brown in his coat.
6. Tansy has more collars than any other dog in the Flock.
7. Renzo has titles. CGC, FDCh (or something), also "Sir Barks-a-Lot"
8. Kyzer's seriously good at Agility. World Team potential. (Some stockdog!)
9. Renzo loves lettuce spines.
10. Pippin jumped up and took a lady's contact lens out with a kiss.
11. When I was a pup back on the farm, I shared a fresh lamb leg with my brother.
12. Renzo sleeps in the Red Chair when the Scribes are gone.
13. I sleep in the Red Chair when the Scribes are here. Unless they shoo me off.
14. We got a squirrel in the back yard once. We're not telling who did it, but it wasn't Tansy even though she pranced around with it.
15. Kyzer doesn't like canned food.
16. Pippin doesn't like rabbit meat.
17. Renzo doesn't have front dew claws anymore. He kept ripping them when he was young. Still thinks they're there, though.
18. Fox hid in the basement ceiling for 8 hours as few suns ago, didn't tell the Scribes. We watched them walk around outside in 10 degree cold, shaking cat treats. Should've told them he was o.k.
19. I was recruited to be a cover dog for Naturally Wild dog food. They chose a prick-eared black-and-white border collie instead. Fine. Don't eat that food anyway.
20. Tansy's the last one to have her collar off at night.
21. She gets an extra goodnight cookie too.
22. And, she gets first walk in the morning. 
23. Tansy's pretty special. 
24. Pippin does not like being groomed. Couldn't get her CGC.
25. Hamish threw up on car rides when he was young. Bonine and maturity ended that.
26. Renzo was cornered in a laundry room by an orange cat.
27. Pippin leapt a couch to escape that cat.
28. I stayed clear of that cat when I visited those folks.
29. Renzo loans Pippin his dog park tag sometimes. Think that's illegal.
30. Kyzer doesn't like to go in the stock tank after working sheep. Even when it's hot.
31. Inçi lived in Germany.
32. Hamish and Pippin are immigrants.
33. Pippin rubs her face on the snow.
34. Tansy scoops up snow when she runs.
35. Inçi loves "Feline Greenies." I do too. Should be called "Canine Greenies."
36. Hamish has liked every dog he met. Except one Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever named Sailor.
37. Pippin loves her Moni best.
38. We have dogs visit us a few weeks then leave. Just had a fun gal, Molly, part BC, part Australian Cattle Dog. More ACD the longer she was here. Heard she's doing well.
39. All of us border collies have different ear styles. 
40. Some of us run off leash in a nearby park illegally. Don't tell.



The Army of Four said...

SIX shades of brown? Sigh.
What a great list, Rafe. We were going to do the tag ourselves instead of making our mom do it, but Storm said that would be a cop-out.
PS: SIX shades of brown? Sigh....

Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

oh we enjoyed reading this post, it has taken us some time catching up with old friends, sorry!

Rafe and family, we have never forgotten you, just it has taken a lot of time to catch up!

Marvin xxxxx and Jeannie xxxxxxxxx