Thursday, February 09, 2012

Tell Me Thursday--Scribe remembers her job

My scribe has been full of her usual excuses for why we haven't blogged even though I've nudged and poked and prodded (I don't plead--there are limits).  Anyway, my particularly cute face and a RSS reading break at the right moment moved her to action.

Here's my cute face for those wondering

This week's questions:
1. Robin wants to know what your ideal number of dogs is? 

My ideal number of dogs is the number that is easiest to boss around.  I have six dogs right now and that seems pretty easy.  I'm sure I could handle a couple more.  Cats, now that's a very different story.  They are wily creatures with unpredictable habits. I think zero cats would be quite sufficient; however the people seem to just keep adding more of them.

2. Lora wants to know if you find that your dogs are better or worse after time off from training?

I don't ever let my dogs off from training.  If you do that, they end up thinking they don't have to do what you say and then you're forced to put them on their backs. The people don't much like that, so to keep them from bothering me with their rules,  I've learned it's better to keep a constant training regimen going with my dogs.

3. What is your favorite power tool? What power tool do you wish you had?

I have a very powerful bark.  And also a powerful kiss.  Those serve me just dandy.

4. What did you want to be when you grew up?

I wished to be the dog of a Queen.  (Hahahaha, got my wish.)

5. How many of your friends are not "dog people"?

What's that?


Doniene said...

Pippin - how I have missed you!! Bess has been wondering about you! Nagging me in fact - told her she would just have to wait. I'll give her the latest update - thanks for getting her off my case!!

Laura Carson said...

Yay, Pippin is back!! I think you're on to something - you should never let up 'cuz then the other dogs get to having ideas about not doing what they're supposed to do. :)

Suzy ∆•• said...

Wuufs, Pippins.

Suzy ∆•• said...

Wuufs, Pippins.

World of Animals, Inc said...

These were all just wonderful answers Pippins. We know that you have such a powerful bark. Plus we think that you would make a great dog for a queen. Thanks for the pawsome post. Have a wonderful rest of your day.
World of Animals